Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is similar to other solitaire games. It is quite popular for its 2-deck form. The game is all about creating 8 stacks of cards from king to ace. There are various types of spider solitaires like gigantic spider, relaxed spider, etc. Different software versions and implementations have made changes in the scoring rules of this game.

How Spider Solitaire is Played

Spider Solitaire involves 54 cards. Removing all the cards from tableau is the goal of the game. Post removal the cards are to be assembled in the tableau before being removed. 54 cards, faces down are Spider Solitaire

first brought to the tableau in 10 piles leaving the top cards exposed. The tableau piles are to be built down in order of the rank. One can move the in-suit sequences together between piles. The 50 cards that remain in the deck are dealt ten at a time when there are no empty piles.

Spider Solitaire Rules

  • The game involves creating a total of 8 stacks of cards.
  • A player has to aim at removing all cards from the table.
  • It is a two part game. First part involves using 54 cards and the second part involves 50 remaining cards.
  • Spider Solitaire installed in Windows start off with a score of 500. Score gets calculated from the starting score of 500.
  • For each set removed 100 points get added.
  • In Windows at least 44 moves are to be made.
  • Additional cards can be placed.
  • A player who ends his game under 100 moves must be considered a good player.

Spider Solitaire Modifications and Variations

Spider Solitaire has gone through changes. When compared to other Solitaire games, Spider Solitaire seems to have modified into entirely different games. The changes brought about in Spider Solitaire have been based on levels within the game.

  • Gigantic Spider is a game of 4 decks.
  • Relaxed spider can be played without the spaces being filled before re-dealing.
  • There have been several software implementations in spider solitaire which have led to varying scores in different versions of computers and operating systems.
  • Spiderwort is played in 3 decks.
  • Spiderette requires playing with only 1 deck of cards.
  • Will o' the Wisp is a spider solitaire game developed by Geoffrey Mott-Smith. It is played in a similar manner like Spiderette. The game initially requires 21 cards which are dealt into 7 columns of 3 with the top card in each column facing up.
  • The Windows version has 3 levels of difficulty in 1, 2 or 4 suits. These play modes ignore suit difference. These modes can also be played in the physical card games. The computer version helps in better representation of the cards.