Online Solitaire Games Taking Over Traditional Solitaire

Physical Solitaire games have long given way to Offline and Online Solitaire games. The massive rise in the numbers of internet users around the world has increased the number of online gamers. This has added to the growth of online solitaire games, thus leaving aside traditional solitaire games.

Traditional Solitaire

  • Since the origin of Solitaire, there have been too many changes and modifications in different types of solitaire games. Centuries have passed and so have rules and modes of card games. Affinity from one game has shifted and transferred to others. Instead of preferring "Patience", people have taken up FreeCell, Spider solitaire and Klondike. The reason behind choosing certain games over others is also because of certain computer programs being installed in some computers and not on others.
  • Having a PC at home or office means somewhere or the other someone is playing away Solitaire. Online Solitaire games are easier to play, win and manipulate. It is easier in an online solitaire game to play with multiple players. There is no need to wait for other players to physically be present and engage in a cumbersome game of solitaire in an online game.
  • Help is always offered in online solitaire games. There are hints to help a player get over the problems he/she faces while playing his online solitaire game. Hints also cut off chances of losing the game. Efforts are also minimized. With the hints offered in the online games, a player turns more efficient that playing in a physical solitaire game.
  • Online games have taken over the traditional solitaire games also because of the smooth automated shuffling, turning and dealing options available in online versions. There is no need for special efforts from the players' sides.
  • Online games have turned interesting and very entertaining attracting more and more players to join in the race between traditional and online. A player can change the themes, decks and backgrounds while playing the game.
  • Competition levels become high as one solitaire player gets to know the scores of other solitaire players. High scores get stored in the gaming programs. A player often gets bored while playing. But his/her boredom can be erased. There are chartrooms and forums inside gaming websites which a player can join to interact with other fellow players/gamers. Inputs and conversations add to the interest levels.