Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is a form of Patience solitaire. Klondike is a very popular solitaire game played worldwide. Klondike's claim to fame was when Microsoft introduced Solitaire for computers with MS Operating System. People commonly refer to Klondike when they actually refer to Solitaire.

How Klondike Solitaire is Played

Klondike Solitaire is played with a 52 card deck. These cards are sorted in suits and order of 4 piles of cards forming the foundations. The cards forming the columns are to be built down, all in alternate colors. Cards can be moved from one column to another and also to the foundations. The cards forming the columns should be built in the order of "king to ace".

A Klondike solitaire game is considered won when all the cards have been placed onto the foundations. Since Klondike is a bit complex in nature, the game can at times remain unplayable lost and playable lost.

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire Rules

  • A 52 card deck is dealt in the game.
  • An upturned card is dealt on the left of the playing area.
  • 6 downturned cards are dealt from left to right.
  • On top of each downturned card an upturned card is dealt. The downturned pile on the extreme left is piled up and similarly all the piles with downturned cards are completed having an upturned card. A uniform shape is formed with the series of cards.
  • There are 4 foundations to be built on top right. These are built by suit from low-Ace to high-King.
  • Tableau piles may be built downwards in alternate colors.
  • Piles that have been completed or are partial can be moved. However these piles have to be built down in alternate colors.
  • An empty pile can be filled with a King or a pile of cards with a King.
  • The game is about building a stack of cards starting with 2 and ending with King, all of the same suit. After this goal is achieved the player has to move the stack up to the foundation.
  • After completing one suit the player will have to finish off all the suits. This is when the player wins Klondike solitaire.
  • Standard scores are set in Windows Solitaire game. Moving the cards from waste to tableau gets 5 points. Move from waste to Foundation achieves 10, Tableau to Foundation – 10. Turning over Tableau card has 5 points. Moving from Foundation to Tableau has -15.
  • Time can be an option in Windows when the "Timed game" option is selected.

Klondike Solitaire Modifications and Variations

There have been several modifications brought to the game of Klondike Solitaire. The game has been included in mobiles and other electronic devices in the modern days. Such is its popularity, that even smart phones come pre-installed with Klondike Solitaire game.

  • Klondike is a game included in iPod Extras section.
  • Jewel Quest Solitaire III is similar to Klondike computer game.
  • A modified version of Klondike solitaire game has been named "Thoughtful Solitaire". In this game all the 52 cards are known from the start. The player needs to possess good computer skills to crack the solution code which works only 82% of the time. The basic difference between Klondike and Thoughtful is the knowledge of card location. The problems in the modified versions of Klondike (Thoughtful) are due to the erroneous probability applications. There are odds of winning a standard Klondike game but these odds have not been properly calculated by theoreticians.
  • Agnes is a popular variant of Klondike solitaire game. Agnes has 2 versions - Agnes Bernauer and Agnes Sorel. The stock in this game is dealt in batches of seven on reserve piles and everyone is available. The 29th card is vital in forming the bases of the foundations.
  • Easthaven (also known as Aces Up) is played with twenty-one cards being dealt into seven piles of three, two face-down and one face-up.
  • There are several Tarot style Klondike solitaire games like 78-card deck Tarot Nouveau.
  • Many computer variations have been implemented in modern Klondike Solitaire games.
Klondike is a complex game but it is popular. Klondike Solitaire wins all odds because of its fun quotient. The complex nature of Klondike makes it more appealing than other Solitaire games.